All One…

I was rolling through pictures I took a while back when we were in New York; we had gone to see “Bodies: The Exhibit”

The idea was a little morbid – I have to admit was my first thought. Quickly, my curiosity overcame my reluctance and since I wasn’t totally grossed out I decided to find out what had mesmerized so many. As it turned out, seeing this exhibit became one of the most enlightening spiritual experiences of my life. I know, I know, you knew eventually one of my blogs would turn “spiritual.”

So, walk with me…

Through this complex process, scientists “plasticize” various systems and organs in the human body for the display. With my rather weak stomach (every pun intended,) seeing all of this was a stretch way beyond my comfort zone. But after viewing the first few displays, I was genuinely intrigued. Why? Next to me were people from all over the globe, people of different races, different sizes, shapes, and colors, I soon realized that what I was looking at on display could be found in my body as well as the bodies of everyone standing by my side. The only substantive difference was our skin color – the outside.

Purpose, Perfection, and Grace

As I walked through the exhibit, I realized often I have don’t allow what happens in my exterior experience to coincide with the purpose, perfection, and grace that takes place inside of me. If I accept the premise that each person is a divine expression of this Universal Power, then maybe, just maybe, I can really see the similarity between everyone. In short, looking beyond the exterior while appreciating the Divine Intelligence within each one of us. Hello, world leaders – are you listening?

I don’t believe it’s a mistake that every system in our body is connected. I also don’t believe it’s a mistake that we too are all connected into a social body or community. And, if we allow it to, that connectivity can create a human race filled with purpose, perfection, and grace for one and all. A realist might say it’s a dream – and a lofty one at that – but little by little maybe I know we can make it appear in our lives.

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