The Brass Tacks of Life – Commandments 7 & 8

This week, our explorations of the Ten Commandments of Religious Science gets personal.

The next two commandments are the foundation for a good happy life. And they set the directives for what we might want to consider.

Commandments 7 is: I am wealthy in every way, and I always share my wealth generously.

Wealth is a relative experience. It’s more about how you feel about what you are doing, than anything that has to do with balance sheets. In other words – wealth isn’t about making a million dollars – unless having or making a million dollars is something of importance to you personally. Many “wealthy” people have very modest incomes.

What this commandment reminds us is that – more than our balance book – it is our consciousness that needs to be wealthy. We know we are wealthy when we can feel ourselves relaxing into the universal flow. We are literally filled up with the spirit of life itself, and that provides us with a sense of personal well-being that no job, no financial circumstance, can take away from us.

A sense of internal wealth radiates confidence – an attractive force that keeps the mind open and allows it to see the path towards new growth, experiences, and expression.

Once we have this personal sense of wealth, we are internally rich, which means we have the personal resources to give to others – once more expanding that virtual circle known as the Law of Circulation.

With this commandment now made so in our internal experience, we move on to the Eighth Commandment – I only do work that feeds my soul, and I always do it joyfully.

Notice how each of these commandments fall into two parts – the first addressing the internal experience, and the second addressing the external expression of that experience.

In this case, we need to become self-aware so that we can see what kinds of work feed our soul, and then mindfully move towards that experience. Once there, we maintain our connection by doing that work joyfully.

You can see what happens in your surroundings with people who are doing their work joyfully. They are filled up by work. They look forward in the morning to bringing what they have to offer to the table, and then at days end leave with a sense of personal accomplishment. Their relationships at work are smooth because a trust has been established that not only will the work get done, but it will be done to the highest possible.

This ultimately will feed back to Commandment 7 – establishing wealth. But it cannot be truly accomplished without that Commandment 7 as the foundation. You cannot put the cart before the horse – our consciousness of personal wealth drives the experience.

Our wealth and our work – our creative expression in other words – is our gift to the universe and go a long way towards establishing a world that works for everyone.

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