Securing the Foundation of Life – The Final Commandments

The final two Commandments of Religious Science have to do with bringing ourselves back to the truth of who we are and ultimately what our biggest purpose is during journey through life.

As we all know, it is our consciousness that creates our experience, so it should be no surprise that the Ninth Commandment is a reminder of what helps to keep the experience moving in a direction that is not only for us, but for those around us.

The Commandment then is: I love all others and always allow myself to be loved.

It’s important to remind ourselves here what a commandment is – it’s a thing that must be done in consciousness if we want to live in principle with the divine flow of spirit.

I know we always talk about not “shoulding” on anyone, but commandments are simple illustrations of principle. If we want to have the experience, we must act accordingly. In other words, form follows function, or cause and effect.

So, I love all others. Yes. Everyone. This keeps my heart open. This keeps my sense of compassion open. This gives me the internal fortitude to be there for others in times of need, and reminds me of what my priorities are.

And the second part is allowing myself to be in a place of loving receptivity. It’s all well and good to put ourselves in a place of loving others – but it’s equally important to be open to receiving love.

This requires a sense of vulnerability. We need to trust that love is for us, and so we need to keep the circulation flowing by being open to receiving love. This means trusting that love is all around us. When we can see that, and know that, then we are receiving it. We are able to thank the universe for the abundance of love it is giving to us – that door to a building that opened to us, that smile from a stranger, that unexpected gift from a friend. We give, and we receive love – each part of equal importance.

Finally that thing that seals the truth of life – the Tenth Commandment: I always remind myself to be grateful for everything in my Life.

This is our opportunity for release. When we are grateful for life, we are free of expectation. We live in the moment, recognizing that each interaction with our environment is an opportunity to express and share gratitude – to elevate both our own experience, and the experience of others.

And it is about being grateful for everything – because even the most challenging things are the places where we get to expand our sense of who we are.

With this last commandment now revealed, you can see how these Ten Commandments truly are a reflection of the steps of spiritual mind treatment.

Taken together, these Commandments move us through the steps of Identification, Unification, Realization, Gratitude and Release, with one following gently into the next.

I know for myself, that when I practice these Commandments they keep me on course. But just like the steps of treatment, sometimes I need to spend a bit more time reflecting on one area than another depending on what may be happening in my relative experience at any one time.

These truths are universal – which is what makes them so powerful.

I guess that’s why I kept that piece of paper.

Here then are the Ten Commandments of Religious Science in their entirety:

  1. I always remember that God is All there is.
  2. I always allow the Universe to function intelligently without my interference.
  3. I always think and live joyfully in the present.
  4. I always take full responsibility for what I am thinking, feeling and doing.
  5. I always honor myself, and do not give my power away to anyone or anything.
  6. I am healthy in body, mind and spirit.
  7. I am wealthy in every way, and I always share my wealth generously.
  8. I only do work that feeds my soul, and I always do it joyfully.
  9. I love all others and always allow myself to be loved.
  10. I always remind myself to be grateful for everything in my Life.


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