Look to Ukraine

For the last 10 days now the world’s eyes have been on Ukraine.

And in the eye of that storm has been a spiritual community with a special heart that is gifting the world with a new vision.

Barbara Leger leads the Temenos Center for Self-Realization, and during this tense period this Centre for Spiritual Living community has been sharing its message that even this time is perfect.

Barbara holds that there is a “Conscious Knowing” that is available to all of us. This phrase enables her community’s words to pass through all borders and access those who live their lives with a diversity of philosophical thought.

In the last few days she’s shared some powerful words with those of us who are supporting her in her mission.

She’s reminding us that love is a more powerful vibration than fear, control and anger, and challenges each of us to open ourselves up to peace and love, even when every fibre of our being is telling us it is time to fight.

She tells us that 10 years ago when she started her mission, she saw Ukraine as the midwife to peace. Now that birth is occurring – and it may not look like anything that anyone is imagining. She and her community are leaving themselves open and paving the way for new possibilities.

Their rallying cry is to “seize the moment” and to make that moment one that is filled with a grander picture than what has gone before, or what may lie in the future if the world continues to walk the well-worn path of conflict.

As part of her message, Barbara has been sharing photos of those who attend her centre. They’re the young ones – the ones who are relatively untouched by the hardships of previous generations. They’re the ones who can embrace in the streets with abandon, and they are living demonstrations that Conscious Knowing is ever present if we have the awareness ourselves to see it.

In that awareness, Barbara says no one is oppressing those who live in Crimea, and her community knows  that what is right is stronger than what may appear to be true for any  one country.

My deepest knowing at this time is that Barbara’s words, and those of her community, are heard loud and clear around the world. This is a time when we are at choice – when we can express the courage of what we know to be true. That peace is here right now, and that there is a path and a way that works for everyone.

This is true for the situation in Crimea, and it is true for every situation that appears to be conflict – whether  in our homes, in our workplaces, in our neighborhoods, in our countries.

I’ll close with these words from Barbara, completely aware that her presence at this time is  a gift to us all.

“We are knowing that peace and love are stronger than fear, worry, blame and that when we stay in peace and love, the situation is diffused until wisdom can prevail.”

And so it is.

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