Rev. Dr. Nirvana Reginald Gayle

As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s imperative that we honor and celebrate the Cosmic Mother of all creation. The genesis out of which all motherhood is based. The cosmology of the feminine face of God. The original grand Goddess.

I have always said that there was Mother God long before there was a father God. Our earliest cosmology and spirituality as a species points to the worship of God as Mother long before the notion of Father God entered into the human psyche. In our more ancient pagan, earth based, indigenous forms of worship the Goddess or God as Mother was worshipped for thousand of years before the notion of Father God.

We must remember that in many of our ancient cultures the people knew who their mothers were, but not necessarily their fathers. In fact, in many cultures, there was not even an awareness of the role the man played in the birthing process at all. The notion that an act that the woman had with a man 9 months prior could result in the birth of a child was a foreign idea or too abstract to comprehend. What was known is that we came from the womb of or our mothers. It was our mothers who fed, loved, nurtured, nourished, clothed, protected and were the life of our life. Our mothers were seen as the source, sustenance and support of our life. They were seen and felt as the creators of life itself and there was a reverence for mothers that extended into our first deities being salutations to the Divine Mother.

With the advent of patriarchal prominence some 5 thousand years ago, there was also a switch towards more masculine based cosmology and a conscious suppression of the earlier feminine based cosmology. As time moved forward we eventually reached the point of the absolute denial of the existence of the feminine face of God and the Goddess denigrated to the status of simply being a myth. I also find that there is no accident to this being the period of the great escalation of violence, war, oppression, exploitation, inhumanity, hatred and cruelty.

The feminine has always represented love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, unity, and oneness. As our societies left from the more feminine based cosmologies and civilizations to the masculine and even more importantly as we went to the extremes of systematically denying and destroying the existence of the feminine power, we as societies denigrated into more of the warring societies that we see today. The energy and power of the feminine, Mother God, was denied and all that it represents was no longer seen as power but as a weakness. Thus we opened the door to the greater worship of force and might makes right as the predominant definition of our era.

In the Gospel of Philip, one of the great Gospels left out of the Bible, it says, “When Eve was in Adam, there was no death. When she was separated from him, death came. If she enters into him again, and he embraces her, death will cease to be.” In other words, they were alluding to a time when the feminine and masculine were united as one, both in the world and within each and every one of us. At the moment that the masculine began to separate the feminine from the existence of value and importance in the world, death and destruction, cruelty and inhumanity, violence and war became the ways of the world.

As the destruction of the feminine became the ways of the world, with that came the devaluation of love, compassion and wisdom. Yes, wisdom has always been the advent of the feminine in almost every cosmology and religion to this day. The Greeks have the most famous Goddess of Wisdom Sophia. When you examine the Judeo-Christian tradition, all through the Bible and Torah, Wisdom is referred to as “She.” So our preoccupation with the masculine and the systematic destruction and devaluation of all things feminine has led to the loss of love, compassion and wisdom in our operations in the world.

Along with this came the destruction and exploitation of all things feminine. Women relegated to property status and being raped, beat, enslaved and denied any power or authority. Our Mother Earth being destroyed, exploited, polluted, raped, disregarded, plumaged is another result of our disregard, denigration and disrespect of all things feminine. As we destroyed and devalued all things feminine we moved more and more towards a society devoid of love, compassion, humanity and wisdom. We began to value property, money and all things material over human life and all things civil.

We still see the evidence of this madness today where front and center in the news right now is this mess about the Nigerian junta who have kidnapped over 200 girls and plan to sell them into sex slavery. This is absolute madness! This is society run amok with insanity, cruelty, inhumanity and loveless living. And let us not be fooled into thinking that this kind of cruelty is limited to the isolated incident in Nigeria as we all now that the plethora of cruelty and inhumanity throughout all parts of the world dwarf this.

I have always said that when we reclaim our divine feminine and all things feminine we shall see a cessation to the cruelty and inhumanity in the world. I’ve even gone so far as to say if it was women who made the decisions about war we would have none because mothers would find every conceivable way to resolve any conflict that didn’t involve sending their babies off to die. In fact in recent history we have the example of the African women of Liberia who stopped a civil war of great violence and cruelty simply by thousands of them leading a movement to bring it to a halt. With there even being times of them standing between the warring forces. These women simply decided that they had tired of men doping up their sons and turning them into war monsters devoid of humanity, and beating, enslaving and torturing their daughters. And they stopped the war. For more on this see the video on-line called “Pray the Devil Back to Hell!”

Truth be told, we can’t deny the feminine without denying ourselves. We’re all ½ feminine anyway. So to deny or destroy the feminine is to deny and destroy half of ourselves. Thus the old adage that a house divided against itself cannot stand. We are failing to measure up to our highest capacity as a human race because we are divided against our self at the most fundamental level, within our own individual being. The outward manifestation of war and division and separation is only the mirroring of our inner separation and division. The solutions to the ills of our society is about re-embracing Mother God, reconnecting to the divine feminine within our very being, eliminating the chasm between our inner masculine and feminine and bringing about the mystical marriage within.

In other words what was prophesized in the great Gospel of Phillip. “When Eve was in Adam, there was no death. When she was separated from him, death came. If she enters into him again and he embraces her, death will cease to be.” It is imperative that we once again value, embrace, and raise to prominence the divine feminine and all things feminine for the prevalence of justice, love, peace, compassion and wisdom in our world.

So this Mother’s Day let us consciously embrace the Divine Feminine, the Grand Goddess, the Great Mother God back into our lives. Let each of us not only honor our physical mothers without, but reclaim the Great Mother within our own being and within the face of the world. Let us take it a step further and look at ways in which we can reenact the Great Feminine Spirit within our own lives. Let us each take it upon our self to do at least one act of unconditional love, compassion, kindness in the world towards another human being, particularly a woman. Let us begin the habit of consciously embracing the divine feminine within our very being and outwardly expressing that in some form of praxis in the world towards our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, mates, friends, co-workers, employees, employers and strangers of the feminine gender that we come across on a daily basis. Let us all search for creative ways to actualize our salutation to the Great Mother God, that indwells us all and move, breathes and has Her being as us!

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