Light and Life: A lesson in Abundance Guest Blog by Juli Isola

I have a confession to make. My reoccurring life lessons, up until most recently, involved prosperity and abundance. Over and over, I would experience times of financial struggle followed by prosperity followed by more struggle. “I’m done with this,” I would tell myself when the dollars in my bank account dwindled. But, we bring about [Read More...]

Parenting with the Power of I Am – Guest Blog Post by Juli Isola

While Dr. Kenn Gordon is in Ukraine, celebrating the 6th Annual Ukraine Science of Mind Conference, there will be several guest bloggers in his place. Parenting with the Power of I AM by Juli Isola Early in my parenting role, I had the opportunity to take Science of Mind classes at the Center. In class, [Read More...]

Law of Love

Love is such a big word.  It covers a gamut of definitions and means something different to most everyone. Used in a Divine context it reflects a way of being that is intended to mirror an attribute of the Divine Power Itself. Perhaps mirror is not as articulate as I would choose, I actually think [Read More...]

Communication and Inclusiveness

It is the desire and mandate of our organization to grow and develop inclusiveness and communication while always acting from the principles we espouse.  Having an inclusive organization, attitude, or intention essentially means we are conscious that there is space for everyone.  Communication means everyone has a voice, everyone is heard, and through, openness and [Read More...]

Step into the Mystery

Science of Mind begins with the premise that it is done unto us as we believe.  In the past, when I believed it was done unto me according to the vagaries of society, my family of birth, my educational status, or how much money I had, etc., I found experiencing joy and abundance entailed struggle [Read More...]

Works for Me

The pivotal moment of my deepest awakening, up until now, was the day, twenty some years ago, that I decided to stop trying to fit the Creator into my life and instead fit my life into the Creators. It was the day I realized that no matter how intelligent, clever, resourceful, imaginative and controlling I [Read More...]

A Personal Purpose

A personal purpose for life is probably the most gratifying of all intentions.  When fulfilled, it motivates and attracts everything else.  When not fulfilled, it represses, depresses, and repels everything that brings joy to the individual. I did not always know this.  I used to think that what was missing in my life could be [Read More...]

Memorial Day

Being that it was Memorial Day in the United States yesterday, I thought we might take time from our barbecues and celebrations to revisit Abraham Lincoln’s iconic Gettysburg Address. “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all [Read More...]

This is Who We Are

What is happening in form in the world around us is this: humanity is waiting for us to step forward. When we talk about 100 million “cultural creative” waiting to join our teaching, we are selling ourselves short. There are over seven billion people who are waiting to learn, understand and move into that which [Read More...]

7 Social Sins

Just like a great many others I am anxiously awaiting any news that will bring light on the motive from the surviving Boston bomber, 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I suppose we just want to hear the reason why anyone would do such a heinous thing, even though we know there is no reason that [Read More...]