Guest Blog – Good Day, Bad Day by Rev. Jill Brocklehurst

Guest Blog – Good Day, Bad Day by Rev. Jill Brocklehurst October 23, 2013
If I were to ask for some dark, can you do it? Darkness, isn’t a thing in and of itself. Darkness is the lack of light. At night we bring a candle and create light, it is effortless. If the room is light it takes great pains to make darkness.

One thing I know about the nature of the Universe is it takes no effort to create with it. You can’t dim your light, you can try but it wants to shine through, it is your nature. It takes effort to move against the nature of which you are. It takes effort to cover up your good.

When we have a bad day we are holding a belief in separation, that there is Spirit and something else. A belief that there is good, and then there is bad. I want you to know every problem that exists in life is backed by a false belief. My job as a Religious Science Minister is to help uncover that belief. Once you look at it, you can decide whether or not it is serving. As soon as you choose to let go of the apparent pay off, the bad dissolves and only your true nature is left, goodness.

Science of Mind® teaches that there is an Infinite Universe, and It’s attributes are joy, peace, harmony, light, love, goodness, abundance … If the Universe is infinite and It is all these attributes then the good is everywhere present! How can a bad day be possible.?

Dr. Ernest Holmes says, “The secret of spiritual power is a consciousness of one’s union with the whole and the availability of good.”

This is what we can do. We can release the desire to hold onto the anger, the bad day, know goodness is the truth, our birth right, step into the light and let it shine.

Today, I choose love, I invite the truth of Spirit to reveal itself as my life, I release any belief contrary to the attributes of this TRUTH as ONE and I invite you to do the same.


Rev. Jill Brocklehurst is the Spiritual Director for the Centre for Spiritual Living Campbell River, BC Canada

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