GLOBAL ONENESS DAY October 24, 2013


Today, Thursday October 24, 2013, is Global Oneness Day. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the oneness of all life and particularly our oneness as human beings here on planet earth. It is primarily promoted and advocated by the New Thought/ Ancient Wisdom community but also has extended out into many of the other spiritual and religious communities.

Within the framework of our cosmology in Religious Science/Science of Mind or Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL), oneness is the foundation, basis and cornerstone of our beliefs and principles. Our first core concept is that there is One God. There is only the One, we are one with it and everything that is, is a manifestation of the only thing that is. Germane to our belief is that our existence is intricately interwoven into the magical tapestry that is God; that outside of the Divine we have no existence. There is only the one and that one is God. In our tradition the term Mind is often a synonym for God. So our founder Ernest Holmes once said, “There is only One Mind; that Mind is the Mind of God, and that Mind is my Mind now!” So here we have again the advocacy of our basic core concept of the allness of God and our oneness with and inseparableness from it.

This notion of the Oneness of God is not exclusive to CSL. The first commandment of the Bible and ancient Torah, of the Hebrew people is “The Lord thy God is one, place ye none before him.” In Kemet (Egypt) cosmology we get the “I AM that I AM,” meaning that the I AM that is God is the I AM that is me; the I AM that is God and the I AM that is me are one and inseparable. In ancient West African cosmology they have a term GyeNyame, meaning there is only God; God Only; the Omnipresence of God is the only thing that is and we are one in it. In Kwanzaa, an African American holiday burrowed from traditional African cosmology, its very first principle is Umoja, meaning Oneness and Unity.

Even if we step out of the spiritual/religious traditions and step into science, there is the Grand Unification Theory in physics that postulates that everything in the cosmos is one, unified whole, a universe more loosely translated to mean a unity of all vibration (verse or sound being vibration). The scientific community is in alignment with the basic agreement that there is one human race and not really what we call the various races. That the entire human family originated in African and over the last 100,000 years have migrated around the globe, settling in different locations and that what we call race is but the geographic adaptations and mutations of the human race to adapt to our environments. DNA analysis shows that some folk in Europe are closer in their DNA alignment with some Africans, than folks in neighboring villages. Thus this notion of racism is insane because it’s based on something that is not even a scientific reality because there is only one race, the human race. There is even evidence that all of life and creation on planet earth shares a compatible DNA that would identify anything on planet earth as being from here.

If we look at the element of gender or sex, all of us are both female and male. We all have 50/50 of both feminine and masculine within us. We all have both X and Y chromosomes. Thus the notion of sexism is another idiotic expression of folks not knowing their true identity. When we are prejudiced and misogynistic it is a level of self hate. You can’t outwardly hate the opposite sex without also hating that aspect of yourself. Thus all gender hatred and oppression is self-hatred; meaning that we are inwardly divided first, as within, so without. Thus we are divided against ourselves and as scripture says, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Thus, the holy intention of Global Oneness Day is to bring greater attention to our oneness and celebrate the Oneness in which we all dance. This notion of division and violence against folks that are of different race, sex, religion or nation is absurd because we are ultimately one people. Not only are we “one nation under God,” but also we are one world under God, or more accurately, one world in God. So Global Oneness Day is about bringing more attention too and shining the light on the glorious oneness and unity of all humanity, all life, all of creation. It’s about eliminating all sense of separation; division and violence based on our differences and unite us in our commonality while simultaneously celebrating our diversity.

An analogy that is one of my favorites is that our differences are like the colors of a rainbow. All the colors of the rainbow come from the same light filtered through a prism effect that separates them out into their various colors. Yet behind the colors is the one light and if that one light disappears all the colors dissolve. All of us in our diversity are like the colors of the rainbow. We all emerge from the one light of the Divine. All of us are the living expressions of God made visible in myriad form. Women, men, black, white, brown, red, yellow, different religions, different nations, different ethnicities, all of this the different colors of the rainbow that is the one light of God expressed in different form. Yet, because of our oneness in, with and as God, our differences are but the myriad beauty of the way the one God makes itself visible in the world.

Thus, rather than fight and divide over our differences, we need to celebrate the diversity of our oneness. There is a statement that goes, “The one in the many and the many in the one!” This is our greater truth that calls for the celebration of the beauty that lies at the heart of our diverse existence as one. The One, God rejoices in its appearance in abundant, multidimensional, diverse form. Global Oneness Day is about dancing in jubilant celebration to the Spirit of this Oneness and connection of our souls and the soul of our beloved Gaia as one.

In fact, that’s the other aspect of this Global Oneness Day celebration. We acknowledge the oneness of all of earth; this one, vast, unitive eco-system in which we all dance called our Beloved Mother Earth. Gaia is alive and she is breathing as each and every-1 of us. The earth, sky, air, waters, plants, vegetation, animals, people, we all share this beloved planet and are interrelated, interconnected and intricately interwoven into the essence of all that is. As human beings, we are that place where heaven and earth meet, made from the invisible substance of spirit, the stardust of the physical universe and the soil of the earth.

So today, Global Oneness Day is meant to signal bringing our attention to the oneness behind the diversity and the beauty of that oneness expressing in diversity, that we may be inclusive in our consciousness. It’s about us embracing everyone and everything as an intricate part of the Whole and consciously advocating for a world that truly honors, celebrates, embraces and glorifies the immense beauty of simply letting God be God as us and all that is.

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