Change and Growth

(The following is the transcript of a channeled lecture held in New York City on April 18. 2013.  Paul Selig serves as channel.) 

We will welcome you each tonight to a new dawn.  A new day is coming, but not without some trials.  And when you face a time of trials you must understand that there is a time of significance at hand.  Paul is already frightened, “No more trials.  What’s going to happen to me?”  This is not about Paul.  This is a shift in consciousness that is going to take place over the next six weeks or so, as people acclimate to new possibilities that in some cases may be born in fear.

When you have a time that is created for fear, you must understand that what you withstand is the fallout of the frequency that has been generated to obscure the light.  If you think of an ash that goes up to the sun from a volcano, the volcano is purging – the ash is released.  It appears to be dark but the sun still shines and what you witness before you is a manifestation of fear in the guise of control.

Now we have talked about this many times and we don’t say these things to alarm you, nor do we prophesy this or that will happen — “you should be very worried” —  that is not this teaching at all.  But when mankind is at a juncture of new choice, the old choices that have been born in fear make a rally for control.  That is always the way, you know.  When the healthy spouse wants to leave the relationship the unhealthy spouse makes a grab for control, “You cannot leave me, you will die without me.  You need me more than you know.”  You can all understand the logic here.

Now if you turn back and you look at your creations you will see that what has been manifested was required at a certain time by those who invested in it.  The need to release a structure that many have invested in is a thing of great challenge.  If you can all imagine surrounding a bank and making a decision that a bank is no longer needed, you will have to decide where you invest in the bank.  “Well, I have money in the bank.  What will happen to my money?  I can’t have those things in my house I will be robbed.  The money must make interest.”  You will find many reasons, you know, why you should continue to invest in an existing structure.

What is happening now is that many people are waking up.  Many people are opening up and as this happens the desire to suppress makes itself known.  Now, this is actually a good thing.  Do you understand this?

Paul is seeing the image of a blister that has been festering.  Before the blister is ready to release there is pressure that is built up, the skin begins to tear and there is discomfort.  But if you heal the blister, if you drain the discharge, if you cleanse the wound you will be much happier.  You will know yourself as healed.  But the stress and the impact of the passage is what is challenging to those who do not know any better.

So, what we are teaching you tonight is how to listen to yourselves in the face of change, how to trust yourself in the face of propaganda and how to hear your fellows when they try to tell you what to do.  Now, when we speak of change we speak of growth, and you must understand this: change and growth are equal in our vocabulary.  We do not discern good and bad growth – it is all an opportunity.  So, if you herald each change as an opportunity to know yourself as The Word, you will know yourself more clearly than you ever have.  If you look at each challenge as an opportunity to give somebody else your authority you will frighten yourself silly.  Do you understand this?

Now, is this easy?  Not necessarily.  It is not fun to say, “Well, I can be in control of what I feel.  I can know my needs.  I don’t need to be told what to do.”  You can listen to yourselves, you know, but you must know who you are listening to.  If you are frightened of yourself you will seek solace elsewhere.  This is not a wrong thing.  There is nothing wrong with getting advice, seeking comfort, asking to be held when you are not knowing what to do.  But this still does not abnegate your authority as the one who makes her own choice, as the one who has to decide finally what her needs are.

The crises that arise are the betrayal of the self in the face of objects, in the face of decisions that are presented to you as fact, that are, in fact, transient.  Do you understand this?  When you are told something finite, you imagine it as finite.  You don’t imagine it as being changed.  When you see something as finite without change you hold it in solid form and you contribute to the structure that you would like to transform.  Do you understand this?

“This will never change,” is a finite statement.  When you go into agreement with that statement you bring energy to it and you contribute to the manifestation in wholeness of the thing you would like to breakdown or transform or release.  So you must be watchful with yourselves.  What do you care for?  What do you need to go forward with?  We will tell you.

Your own obligation is to your own Divine Self – to listen to that aspect of you that knows what she needs, knows how to listen, knows how to attend to herself in wellbeing.  Now, ask yourself this: “Where do I not trust myself?  Where do I give myself permission to defer my authority to somebody else?”  If you answer these questions for yourself you will know yourself in a more full way and you will ask yourself the right questions from here on in.

“I don’t know if I can trust myself.  I have been wrong many times.  I don’t know if I am the right one to listen to.  I may be in judgment.  I may be in fear.  How do I know?”  The easiest way to know in these times is to check in with your own frequency.  If what you are dealing with is mentally structured, is an idea that does not hold resonance for you, you will know it.  If you go into accord with something in full frequency and you have that level of response you may know it to be true.

If we were to tell Ariel that he has a horn popping out of his head, he would go into a mental response, “I do not have a horn.  He has finally lost his mind.  There is no horn.”  And that would be an appropriate response.  You don’t resonate with that.  If somebody tells you something bad will happen and you go into agreement mentally and it is not true, you will bring your frequency to it anyway.  And there is no requirement for this.

Now, this is a time of rapid change, yes, and it is a time of rapid growth.  If you look at everything as a possibility you will transition well.  If you look at everything as an opportunity to be frightened you will have that experience.  It’s really not necessary.  Paul is saying, “There is no panic in their voice as they describe this,” and that is for a very good reason.  We are not alarmed and we are telling you not to be either.  Claim your authority.  You are here for a reason.  When people tell you to feel a certain way, say, “Well, that’s what they think.  Who am I to say what I need?  I am the only one who can know.”

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