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You Want to Kill Stress? Start By Asking the Right Questions.

Worry.  Anxiety.  Stress.  Three interchangeable words that highlight most of our days as men.  Just balancing work/school, wife/girlfriend, kids, chores, bills, and spiritual commitments is enough for most of us to need a Shiatzu.  That’s not to mention fears about the future, health concerns, the global economy, or the housing market.  At any given moment, I think it would be safe to say most guys could make a fairly lengthy list of legitimate questions which cause us intense stress.  Quest … [Read more...]

Passive is The New Agressive: Some Thoughts on Power

I am going to say something that may inspire feelings of rage inside of you.  Ready?  Here goes: The Star Wars prequels need to be revisited.  Meaning, I think we need to watch them again and pay attention.Please lower your baseball bats, torches, and large sticks while I explain.  Yes, I am aware Jar-Jar Binks happened.  Yes, I know THIS happened.  I know THIS happened, as well as THIS.  Yes, I am accepting of the fact that the three prequel films pale in comparison to the originals.  All th … [Read more...]