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A Conversation with Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter

I hope you have been as blessed I have been from all of the conversations I have had with my musical peers the last several months.  The purpose of this blog is to tell our stories...stories of men, guys, dudes, who are far from perfected but who are trying to live out faith in a way that (hopefully) inspires and influences.  Here is my latest conversation, which has been a long time in coming, mostly due to the quantity of quality in the text.Ryan Clark is the front man for Demon Hunter, a … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Matt Greiner from August Burns Red

Matt Greiner plays drums and writes lyrics for August Burns Red.  I first met him back in 2006 when our bands toured together. Matt is one of the hardest working, level-headed artists you will meet.  But his drum skills and work ethic are not his most impressive qualities. Matt is one of the few people I have encountered in this industry that makes an effort to be both transparent and humble.  He genuinely cares for people, while using his platform to share his faith with every oppo … [Read more...]