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A Conversation With Solomon Olds from Family Force Five on Music, Maturity, and Near-Death Experiences

Solomon Olds is the frontman for Family Force Five.  His band is known the for their energetic live performances which feel more like dance parties than your average rock n' roll shows.  Family Force Five is also known for their sense of humor, and fun-loving approach to making rock music.  I ran into Solomon at Creation festival East where we had a great conversation about music, maturity, and near-death experiences (over a festival catering buffet).  Have you ever lost someone you were close to … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter, Part II

Aspiring artists and creative people should find the second half of my conversation with Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter both highly educational as well as inspirational, especially in the practical sense.  How do faith, art, and culture intersect for the believer?   Where do we draw the line when absorbing "secular" influence?  These are a few of the questions Ryan and I discuss together below...Schwab: We have probably both noticed (and even been frustrated by) the way Christian culture has sa … [Read more...]