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How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams (No Joke): Some Encouragement for Single Guys

When I was in college, I lived across the hall from a guy named David. He was a great friend who was solid believer. He was a spiritual mentor to me in many senses, but he had an acute Achilles heal: He seemed to have a knack for finding girls who were trouble.At one point during our junior year, David showed up at my door saying he really needed to talk to me. He looked like he was about to be sick, so I invited him in. He proceeded to tell me that he was sure he had met the love of his … [Read more...]

Is Having A Wife and Kids Truly What God Wants? A Conversation with Mattie from For Today.

If you ask Mattie Montgomery, he is not a lyricist and a frontman first, though that is how most know him.  And even though his band For Today has accomplished some great things over the last several years, he refers to himself as a Husband and Father first and foremost.  The irony is that not long ago, like many young men today, he would never have imagined himself being either.  I spoke to Mattie recently and at length about fatherhood, being a husband, and how God can use each to transform me … [Read more...]