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The Mancave: On Isolation, Fellowship and Accountability-A Conversation with Toby Morrell of Emery

Toby Morrell a worship director and small groups pastor at his home church, in addition to fronting his bands, Emery and Matt and Toby.  He is also one of the funniest guys I have talked to in recent history.  There was no shortage of laughter during our conversation about guys and isolation.  But what I loved most about our chat was Toby's desire to be genuine, beyond the typical, Christianese "authenticity."  I think he was definitely the right guy for the subject at hand.  And what exactly is … [Read more...]

When Passion Becomes Pride: How Love Can Protect Us From a Fall

Prior to starting my band, Project 86, I worked in youth ministry for six years. If you have ever been involved in a church at any level you will learn that some of the most interesting characters you will ever meet live inside the walls of the congregation.I remember one particular guy (named Austin) who was fairly high up in the youth ministry. Although he was a relatively new Christian, he was quite well-versed in theology, doctrine, and church history. Austin was a walking quote machine, … [Read more...]