About Andrew Schwab

Andrew Schwab is the author of five books and has written for publications which include Relevant Magazine, Time/Life, HM, CCM, and Alternative Press. He has spoken at over two hundred festivals, conferences, churches, schools, and fellowships all over the world. His band, Project 86, has sold nearly 500,000 albums worldwide.

On Betrayal, Loss, Forgiveness, and Redemption: A Conversation with Tobin Bawinkel of Flatfoot 56.

Tobin Bawinkel, frontman for the band Flatfoot 56 (and his new band, 6’10”) has had quite a journey.  I first met him eight years ago when my band played alongside his at a festival.  My first impression?   This was a guy who had his act together.  He carried himself confidently, yet humbly.  He spoke with the seasoned air of a pastor, yet he was completely punk rock.  And as I got to know him, I realized he was someone who was genuinely trying to follow God and live as Jesus did.  In other words … [Read more...]

The Blood Moon Miracle, 4 Years Later: Recalling the day my daughter died and rose again

In the spring of 2010 I was given thee most life-changing news that any dude can ever receive: I was going to be a dad. When my jubilant wife told me about our little miracle, several things happened:1. My lungs stopped working2. My vision went fuzzy3. The sound left the earth4. Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” began playing in my head, specifically the moment where Freddy Mercury sings Momma...The next thing I knew, my wife was snapping her fingers and waving smelling salts und … [Read more...]

A Good Laugh in the Face of Creeping Death

Do you ever think about the fact that you are going to die?  For most men, this a terrifying thought that is to be avoided at all costs.   To me, the most scary fact about dying is not its inevitability, but the fact that we have zero control over when, or even how, that moment is going to come.I can’t stand when something is beyond my control, because the desire to control my world is something that is hardwired into me.  As it turns out, it is hardwired into every single man.  Take a look a … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Discernment: Some thoughts on betrayal, friendship, and loving those who are untrustworthy.

It’s a foregone conclusion that Jesus knew who Judas Iscariot really was from the get-go, but did the disciples?  Most likely not, or someone would have spoken up.  I can only imagine the disgust they felt when they saw Judas walking up to them in the garden with Jesus’ enemies, leading the charge to detain the Savior.  Nothing pierces quite as deep as the wounds of betrayal from someone you thought was your friend…We have all been there, and those wounds shape the way we approach friendsh … [Read more...]

Cutting the Emotional Cord to the Past: On Addiction, Trauma, and Evil Female Robots.

…in many cases, destructive habits have their roots in the scarring events of our lives. Most addictions are coping mechanisms that we develop to “manage” the unresolved pain we feel deep down from these episodes. And it can be very difficult to let go of our habitual cycles of self-destruction until we “deal” with the pain from our wounds. – The Tin Soldiers, p. 71When I was six years old, I went with a friend and his parents to see Superman III.  I was a huge fan of the first two movies, so … [Read more...]

For the Overworked, Over-stressed, and Over-committed

Charles Spurgeon said, “Why is it that some Christians, although they hear many sermons, make but slow advances in the divine life? Because they neglect their closets, and do not thoughtfully meditate on God's Word.”I agree with Spurgeon wholeheartedly, though not even he could have predicted the difficulty we would have here is the 21st century with actually finding quiet time to connect with our God.  For many of us, it seems there are more tasks and responsibilities on our plates than ther … [Read more...]

Christian Celebrities and Idol Worship: An Excerpt from THE TIN SOLDIERS WORKBOOK

Establishing True Connection Part II Reflect... No man is better than any other, no matter what his gifts. Everything each of us has been given is by the hand of God. To know God is to worship Him alone. To truly connect with His Spirit is to turn from any desires we have to worship anything but Him. - p. 25When we think of the term “Idol worship,” our mind naturally gravitates toward images of primitive people painting themselves with blood and bowing in the dirt to stone statues. The im … [Read more...]

On Addiction: How Do We Win a Game We Are Guaranteed to Lose? An Excerpt from the Forthcoming Tin Solders Workbook

Destroying Addiction, Part  V  Reflect… Sin will always overwhelm us and “win” if we are not close to Jesus. And maybe, just maybe, instead of putting all of our efforts into “not sinning” or "winning the battle," we should instead pursue discovering new intimacy with Him.  It is a subtle, but ultimately enormous, difference in motivation.  – P.77I'd like to present an imaginary scenario to you:  Let's say you have been challenged to play one-on-one basketball by Lebron James. He wants to p … [Read more...]

What is a Tin Soldier, Part IV: An Excerpt from the Forthcoming Tin Soldiers Workbook

The following is a sample of the weekly exercises in the forthcoming Tin Soldiers Workbook.  Each exercise accompanies and is based upon each individual entry in The Tin Soldiers book, which together form a 52-week curriculum aimed at spiritual growth via small group discussion and individual reflection… What is a Tin Soldier?, Part IV Reflect... You must follow through by making righteous character your highest priority in life.  For many of us, even those who have been believers for a long t … [Read more...]