On Sexuality: A Breakthrough in the Red Light District

Have you ever visited Amsterdam?  I have.  And I will never forget my first trip...My band was booked to play there a few years back.  I had heard dozens of stories prior to my visit.  Most of them consisted of warnings about the red light district, especially the prostitutes (yup, in case you weren’t aware, it’s legal in Amsterdam).Honestly, prior to my trip I had never understood why someone would visit a prostitute.  In fact, I had even judged those who had engaged in such activities, … [Read more...]

A Conversation With Solomon Olds from Family Force Five on Music, Maturity, and Near-Death Experiences

Solomon Olds is the frontman for Family Force Five.  His band is known the for their energetic live performances which feel more like dance parties than your average rock n' roll shows.  Family Force Five is also known for their sense of humor, and fun-loving approach to making rock music.  I ran into Solomon at Creation festival East where we had a great conversation about music, maturity, and near-death experiences (over a festival catering buffet).  Have you ever lost someone you were close to … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter, Part II

Aspiring artists and creative people should find the second half of my conversation with Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter both highly educational as well as inspirational, especially in the practical sense.  How do faith, art, and culture intersect for the believer?   Where do we draw the line when absorbing "secular" influence?  These are a few of the questions Ryan and I discuss together below...Schwab: We have probably both noticed (and even been frustrated by) the way Christian culture has sa … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter

I hope you have been as blessed I have been from all of the conversations I have had with my musical peers the last several months.  The purpose of this blog is to tell our stories...stories of men, guys, dudes, who are far from perfected but who are trying to live out faith in a way that (hopefully) inspires and influences.  Here is my latest conversation, which has been a long time in coming, mostly due to the quantity of quality in the text.Ryan Clark is the front man for Demon Hunter, a … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Matt Greiner from August Burns Red

Matt Greiner plays drums and writes lyrics for August Burns Red.  I first met him back in 2006 when our bands toured together. Matt is one of the hardest working, level-headed artists you will meet.  But his drum skills and work ethic are not his most impressive qualities. Matt is one of the few people I have encountered in this industry that makes an effort to be both transparent and humble.  He genuinely cares for people, while using his platform to share his faith with every oppo … [Read more...]

You Want to Kill Stress? Start By Asking the Right Questions.

Worry.  Anxiety.  Stress.  Three interchangeable words that highlight most of our days as men.  Just balancing work/school, wife/girlfriend, kids, chores, bills, and spiritual commitments is enough for most of us to need a Shiatzu.  That’s not to mention fears about the future, health concerns, the global economy, or the housing market.  At any given moment, I think it would be safe to say most guys could make a fairly lengthy list of legitimate questions which cause us intense stress.  Quest … [Read more...]

Passive is The New Agressive: Some Thoughts on Power

I am going to say something that may inspire feelings of rage inside of you.  Ready?  Here goes: The Star Wars prequels need to be revisited.  Meaning, I think we need to watch them again and pay attention.Please lower your baseball bats, torches, and large sticks while I explain.  Yes, I am aware Jar-Jar Binks happened.  Yes, I know THIS happened.  I know THIS happened, as well as THIS.  Yes, I am accepting of the fact that the three prequel films pale in comparison to the originals.  All th … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Dustin Kensrue of Thrice about Worship

You probably know Dustin Kensrue as the frontman and songwriter for the band Thrice, a post-hardcore/rock band from Orange County, CA, who has sold over a million records over their fifteen-year career.  Kensrue is known for being a great songwriter who is outspoken about his Christian faith in his lyrics while existing primarily as an artist in the general market.  Recently, Dustin found himself making a decision to do something he never imagined he would: back-burner rock n’ roll in favor of be … [Read more...]

My Tragic Attempt to Surf and Why God is Like a Dad Who Gives You a Mercedes.

People often ask me, because I live in southern California, if I surf.  My answer is: I am retired.  Here’s the story on my surf career, which lasted all of thirty-two minutes:The year was 2008.  I was on tour in Sydney, Australia with my band.  On the day in question, we had planned a surf lesson for our entire touring party with two professional instructors.  Since the day it was planned-some two months prior-I had been daydreaming about it.  More specifically, I had imagined myself ducking … [Read more...]