Stream of Consciousness Thanks

Thankful for (and/or that):

1.  Activist kids

2.  Activist courts

3.  Calvin & Hobbes, a comic that always conveys the right perspective, makes me laugh, makes me wish I had a kid like Calvin and makes me grateful that I don’t have a kid like Calvin

4.  a 5-year-old nephew who conducts Mozart concertos

5.  That as E begins to study the Holocaust and I continue my own studies of it, that I was born where I was, when I was and what I was

6.   Catonsville

7.  Manhattan

8.  Brooklyn

9.   Berger cookies

10.  People who keep me company online and in person

11.  Deusenberg’s oatmeal

12.  my kids, who still make me melt

13.  my husband, who still makes me melt

14.  my parents, who keep me honest

15.  my sister, who I will later this afternoon, beat the crap out of in a game of jacks

16.  Tina

17.  Bruce Catton books

18.  Plumbers

19.  heated arguments about religion, politics, parenting, education, and Edward v. Jacob

20.  The Ravens

21.  The Mets

22.  The Orioles

23.  my capacity to still love #21 and #22 mentioned above, despite their pathetic records

24.  high school friendships renewed

25.  lifelong friends who have the nerve to live in Cali when I’d much rather them live in Baltimore

26.  neighbors who feed the cats

27.  many, many banana daquiris to help me cope with the fact that I can’t watch the Ravens game tonight

28.  cousins

29.  music, from Michael Jackson to Bernstein to Bach

30.  Gym friends

31.  everyone who will forgive me for anything or anyone I have neglected to mention

Not necessarily in that order.

Abundant thanks and deep gratitude for all of the above, family, friends, heroes, books and pizza.

Feel free to add to the list, and have a fantastic holiday, everyone!!!!!


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