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Still Measuring Success…

Ah, Summer.  Poets wax philosophical about thee.  Children long for thee.  Lawns turn brown in thee.  I capitalize thee.  Facebook blows up with graduation and prom pictures upon the arrival of thee.  And now, I shall stop calling thee "thee."Last June, when I was just a baby blogger, I wrote a post for Catonsville Patch called "Measures of Success," in which I list and give an accurate account of my accomplishments and the importance they've played in my life.  Well, people, you know that em … [Read more...]

Time to Go.

To the Editor of Time Magazine,Rather than play into the outrage you so transparently tried to provoke, I shrug my shoulders.Rather than blog about the unfairness and insensitivity of your cover, I leave that to others who have done so with far more aplomb than I could.Rather than read the firestorm of criticism and debate that exploded in the blogesphere, I chose  three from writers I really respect.  One was a direct response, and the other two used it as a jumping off point to d … [Read more...]

Stranger Danger – Part Deux

Before I began blogging, I wrote a Facebook note about my experiences with "stranger danger" - first as a child, then as a parent.Yesterday, I met my local Patch editor for lunch and to catch up.  We talked about lots of things, but among them were a bunch of ideas I had for future blog posts.  (No, silly.  After my friend, Mara's aggravation with plagiarism, I'm not sharing the ideas here...)Then this happened.  The list of ideas went out the window.  (Click on it to enlarge if your eyes … [Read more...]