Why You Should Go To Starwood

Why You Should Go To Starwood July 21, 2018

I spent last week at the Starwood Festival, which was amazing.

Attendance was back in a big way, with over 800 people on site — up 30% from last year! There’s no doubt that Starwood has taken root and is thriving in its new home at Wisteria. (Despite how that move was forced by the bad behavior of others.)

The weather was lovely, the land is lovely, the people are magical.

Musical performances ranged from the acoustic guitar mastery of Brian Henke to the Nth dimensional extraterrestrial psychedelia of Didges Christ SuperDrum.

I gave three talks, including one about Pagan Atheism.

I’ll be posting more about what this year’s Starwood meant to me personally. Meanwhile, I was able to get a little video from Starwood attendees — including Ian Corrigan and Oberon Zell — telling you why you should join us next year. (And just to connect with other recent topics, as Thorn Mooney and I talked about last month festivals like Starwood and FSG are a good way to put a little wildness in your Paganism.)

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