What kind of hypocrite am I to go from prayer to yelling at my children in approximately ninety seconds? Read more

Blogger Samantha Field took me to task last week on “throwing feminism under the bus.” Here’s my response. Read more

No new books for me this week, but here are the articles I tweeted this week that you might enjoy: Family: “If This #Sochi Ad Doesn’t Make You Tear Up, Then Check Your Pulse” http://ow.ly/so1u9 #parenting #success http://ow.ly/i/4euvC MTV’s ‘16 and Pregnant’ helping to reduce #TeenPreganancies?ow.ly/szeaD #pregnancy #TeenMom @AnnieLowrey @nytimes  Disability  ‘An #Ethics for the Future of #GeneticTesting’ ow.ly/sBLXX@ablerism @TheAtlantic  Dear ‘Daddy’ in Seat 16C ow.ly/sBKbg #Autism #SpeicalNeeds#Parenting @HuffPostBlog “Too often, people look at Ellie and see ‘#disability.’ They see ‘can’t’. “-Bret Bowerman ow.ly/sBQ3U @cnnhealth#DownSyndrome… Read more

Some thoughts on how I got from there to here, with thanks. Read more

Having Dad take time off makes for a more balanced family life Read more

Why, at a time when more and more fetuses with Down syndrome are aborted, are we celebrating the lives of the children and adults growing up in our midst? Read more

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read this week? Read more

An ad for the Olympics, family devotions, and parental mistakes have all brought me closer to understanding God’s love for us. Read more

“What makes you anxious? Where is God in that anxiety? How could your anxiety be transformed into peace?” Read more

I’ve submitted my manuscript of Small Talk (hooray!) and here are some books and articles about faith and disability that might be of interest… Read more

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