Hypocrisy, shame, politics and religion

hypocrisy has no shame
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Hypocrisy is the ultimate death blow, whether it be politics or religion. And in the US, the two are inextricably linked together. Shame on us both.

From the full article reprinted below, this comment leaped off the page:

One Republican bundler who has worked closely with the Republican National Committee in the past was incensed, saying that Trump had actually done the very things that conservatives had fretted Hillary Clinton might hypothetically do — intentionally or not — when it came to sharing classified information with adversaries.

“These are not minor and insignificant issues,” the source said. “We pilloried the Democratic nominee for creating the conditions where that possibly could happen. He did it! He admits to it! I don’t know how you overcome that, when that was the cornerstone of folks not voting for her. So here we are, and I guess shame on us.”

Yes, shame on us

I want to say this: the motives of many who voted for the current President, despite his acknowledged flaws, were not bad, evil or ignorant.

There are major problems with the Affordable Care Act, and the Democrats seemed to be unwilling to address them.

There is nothing wrong with reasonable borders or putting more emphasis on domestic issues and our crumbling infrastructure.

Fewer regulations will stimulate business investments.

There are good reasons for budget adjustments.

But winning by cheating and possible treason, seeking to destroy others and ignoring the exact same issues within themselves may bring the GOP down and plunge us all into chaos.

Yes, shame on them.

And shame on us. Shame on us in the church who, in our hurry to build the kingdom of power, rather than the kingdom of heaven, leave behind the basic principles of treating others the way we want to be treated.

Shame on us who emulate the dirty political world to get what we want, insisting the ends are worth the means, despite the fact that the means will destroy our souls. And we make it worse by covering up the dirty deeds with the gloss of  “But the Bible says . . . ”

Jesus called people like that “white washed tombs” while seething with decay inside.

Sometimes I wonder why God puts up with us. And then I remember: God is full of mercy and lovingkindness. Would that we would be the same.

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  • Etranger

    “There are major problems with the Affordable Care Act, and the Democrats seemed to be unwilling to address them.” Really? I think the author is watching too much Fox news.

    The problem with the religious is that they should not be messing with the government to advance the “kingdom of God” especially when doing so does so much harm.

    • Just an FYI: I’ve never watched Fox News. I do, however, have a significant awareness of the problems with the ACA. It can and should be fixed, and probably if the Dems had acknowledged that, they would have won the election.

      • Etranger

        Democrats are definitely willing to address problems with the aCA. Remember, they can’t even get to speak half the time in Congress because of republicans (the latter control the Congress). So I just assumed the repetition of misinformation was due to Fox watching. Apologies.

  • Otto T. Goat

    Muh donor class.

  • Otto T. Goat

    “winning by cheating and possible treason”

    Notice you provide no evidence for either claim.