Sully–the story behind the story

“We already know the ending–not sure why they made the movie.” I made that comment to my husband as we drove to the press preview for the movie, “Sully.” It goes into wide release this Friday, September 9, 2016. And yes, we all know the ending. Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, flying US Airways Flight 1549, landed [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: what are family values and do the people that teach them have them?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: What ARE traditional family values and who decided? Why is it such a buzz word and why is it a red flag to some of us?  Who says my values are untraditional? And if they are whose business is it? What is the obsession with uniformity and control? How do these values [Read More…]

I could be brilliant too if . . .

So, Donald, yes that great Republican and ever-so Christian man, is getting ready to be interviewed by the pastor, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Great Faith Ministries International, in Detroit, MI, as part of his appeal to get more than 0% of the black vote. Now, the church community wanted Donald to actually speak in the church. [Read More…]

When an “anyone but Donald” is married to an “anyone but Hillary,” part six

I almost thought I could stomach a Donald presidency, mainly because I fear he is going to win and am trying to steel myself. Also, for the last couple of weeks, his “handlers” seem to have put him on a tight leash and he came close to sounding like a normal, rational, possibly even decent [Read More…]

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Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Did the UMC really elect a lesbian Bishop? A primer on UMC-speak

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: My question: I have been an active member of the United Methodist church for years. I know that the discipline is supposedly BIBLICALLY BASED but the recent appointment in Arizona of an openly lesbian to a Bishop position is TOTALLY CONTRARY TO WHAT I KNOW THAT THE BIBLE TEACHES! I am considering [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: how do I practice Sabbath today?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: You know how the Jews in the Bible were forbidden to work on the Sabbath? If I want to practice the Sabbath today, what is considered “work?” Would folding laundry be work? What about using appliances? An ongoing tragedy of religious understanding takes place when something that was intended as good and [Read More…]

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When I was a young, naive Christian, I thought . . .

When I was a young, naive Christian . . . I thought that Christian people fought for integrity and truth. And then I discovered US politics and that money given to “Christian” organizations buys silence and complicity with evil and immorality. I thought that God truly loved all the world. And then I discovered that [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: How can evangelicals claim moral authority by insisting on voting for Trump?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: I have been astonished at the Wayne Grudem support of Trump.  I am like some who believe part of hatred of Mrs. Clinton and support of Trump derives from the belief of inferiority of women and the “headship” of men which the right wing is so strong about. How can the religious [Read More…]

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When an “anyone but Hillary” is married to an “anyone but Donald” part five

We have a 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter visiting for a while with her parents. Keep in mind that this blended couple claims eleven children and twelve grandchildren, so having relatives visiting is a frequent joy. This morning, the visiting toddler wanted to sit on my lap while I was reading the paper. I welcomed her and [Read More…]

A Biblical Case for Hitler

In a blatant act of plagiarism, I have lifted some words from an extraordinarily popular blog post which was written by an anonymous woman who sees herself as a highly educated, theologically conservative pastor’s wife. The blogger describes herself, before making her biblical case for Trump, as one who “CANNOT, however, allow myself ignore the principles laid out [Read More…]