The TP ticket, law and order and the UMC

Well, the UMC just consecrated its first lesbian Bishop–that one even made the New York Times! What, of course, also made the national news is the Trump/Pence ticket (which shall probably always be known to those who dislike Trump as the Toilet Paper ticket). And now we have even more policemen ambushed and ruthlessly murdered, leaving [Read More…]

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When an “anyone but Donald” is married to an “anyone but Hilary,” part two

Part one of the saga of two people with radically different political views can be found here. We are not talking much about politics these days. I look at the stuff slanted my way; he looks at the stuff slanted his way. But we’ve both got problems. Personally, I am horrified by what I have seen [Read More…]

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Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: How do I deal with my racist dad?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: I love my parents very, very much. But I wish my dad would quit being so racist in front of my nieces. How do I tell them that what he is saying is junk without making them lose respect for him? It is not your job to ensure that your nieces maintain [Read More…]

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Did you pray and then walk away? You’ve done nothing.

Calls for prayer pop up immediately. Everybody’s “thoughts and prayers” are posted in public places. Churches open with prayer services advertised. Religious leaders offer statements to be read in worship. Legislative bodies routinely practice their mandatory moment of silence. Citizens gather in civic spaces for ecumenical prayer. During Sunday worship, many if not most churches [Read More…]

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An evening of joy; a morning of tragedy: will we ever wake up?

We’d had the most joyful of afternoons. After two interminable weeks in a non-weight bearing foot situation, my husband’s bandage was replaced with a walking cast. Delighted, we went to out to dinner and watched a funny movie before bed. We retired without bothering to check the news. Able to stay in bed lazily for [Read More…]

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Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Would you marry off your child this way?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: A lot of Christians insist that the best way for a homosexual to be reformed and “made whole” is in heterosexual marriage. Do you think any of these Christians would volunteer their heterosexual child (or grandchild) to live in a marriage to a gay person? Even knowing their beloved grandchild or child [Read More…]

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When an “anybody but Donald” is married to an “anybody but Hillary,” Part One

I knew he was a Republican when I married him. Our disparate views on politics peppered our first date–and I laughingly said, “OK, that’s a deal-breaker!” But there was far more to him than his politics. He saw far more in me than mine. Mutual respect and enormous admiration for each other permeated our relationship [Read More…]

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Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Did Trump “accept Jesus into his heart?”

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: What does it mean that Donald Trump has accepted Jesus into his heart? Has Hillary Clinton accepted Jesus into her heart? Thank you for your reply. Let me state this clearly: I am not able to enter into the minds/hearts/souls of anyone, including the two candidates for the highest office of the [Read More…]

What will the church do about the Intersexed? Shall we just call them mistakes?

The world is ever so much easier to deal with when everything divides into two neat categories. This is good, that is bad. This is heaven, that is hell. This is day, that is night.  This is right, this is wrong. This is a wave; that is a particle, except we know matter can be [Read More…]

The sad necessity of abortion: how can the church lead the way?

The news hit early today: the Supreme Court struck down the law passed by the Texas Legislature that placed extreme restrictions on abortion access in Texas, particularly for poorer women in rural areas. The Supreme Court action, called the Whole Women’s Health Ruling, can be found here. I am relieved at the awareness shown by [Read More…]