The Week-est Link, Dec. 28 2008

1. There’s a new Death Cab for Cutie album coming out very soon. Follow this link to watch a little video that gives a few details about the record. Death Cab is one of those cutting edge bands who everybody talks about. Sometimes these bands aren’t really that good, but Death Cab is quite good, and they make haunting, melancholy music that is well worth your time.

HT: Ethan Meadow

2. Reid Monaghan commented yesterday about my description of science as a “double-sided blade.” He questioned whether there is any scientific inquiry that is negative or harmful. I cannot perfectly answer that question, though I can point you to an interesting article that my boss Al Mohler wrote covering this topic. It will provoke thought, and I think it does show that the phenomenon of unbounded scientific inquiry is as morally complex as it is exciting.

3. An insightful profile of billionnaire Paul Allen. I’ve long heard about Allen, as he owns the Portland Trail Blazers (my friend Aaron Menikoff’s team), but I knew little about him. Apparently he’s something of a media recluse. The profile is an interesting study of a strange, talented, and ultimately unsatisfied man. It’s always profitable to read secular articles from a theological standpoint–you can see biblical themes in most every life story. Allen’s seems to be Ecclesiastes.

Have a nice weekend, everyone (and thanks, Rick and Ethan, for the “I Am Legend” info).

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