The Week-est Link, February 15, 2008

1. Karis Community Church recently hosted New Testament scholar Tom Schreiner for a series of lectures on Jesus. Check out this link to listen to the talks. They sound quite interesting and personally profitable. Dr. Schreiner is a man of great gifting and great humility. It’s rare to find those qualities mutually existing in one person, but they do in him.

2. Newsweek Magazine recently profiled Manhattan pastor and church planting guru Tim Keller. Go here to read the article. The author gets a number of things wrong, but it’s interesting that this piece represents a pretty respectful portrayal of an evangelical. Keller’s thoughtfulness and humility have sowed good seed in New York.

3. Criswell College radio host Jerry Johnson recently discussed my friend Greg Gilbert’s recent 9Marks blog/manifesto on an overemphasis on good music in the current among many evangelicals. Here’s the link. I would have liked to hear Greg say a few more words about the importance of evangelical pursuit of good music, but I think he makes some very good points in his original post on the 9Marks blog. It’s important in correcting things, though, that we take care not to over-correct. Greg wouldn’t want to do that, and neither would I.

4. Speaking of good music, here’s a great track by one of my favorite bands, Postal Service, called “Clark Gable.” It’s a beautiful mix of male and female voices, and it has a melancholy feel that is accentuated by the driving beat. Good tune.

Have a very nice weekend, all.

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