The Week-est Link, March 7, 2008: Rap, and lots of Sovereign Grace

1. Sovereign Grace recently posted a review of what sounds like a terrific rap cd. It’s by Tony Reinke, assistant to Sovereign Grace director C. J. Mahaney. I haven’t heard the album in full, though I’ve heard it in parts, and I can say that Tony hits the nail on the head, and reveals that rap, though it may sound strange to some, can actually prove to be a very theologically friendly style of music. All the lines that rappers say (far more than most singers of other genres) provide Christian rappers with the opportunity to speak a whole lot of truth. Check out the cd Tony reviews and hear a few tracks from Shai Linne’s “Atonement” (hint: click on the “boombox”) (HT: Justin Taylor)

2. Here’s another link related to Sovereign Grace: check out the welcome video from the denomination’s flagship church, Covenant Life. Covenant Life is one of my favorite churches in the world. This video shows a few hints of why it’s such a great church: the people are theologically concerned, the church is very friendly and joyful, and visitors are made to feel welcome even as they are instructed in truth. I am regularly encouraged by this church, and I would encourage you to check it out. You don’t need to agree with all its doctrine to see that Covenant Life is a very healthy large church, something of a model for the rest of us.

3. CBMW just linked to a post I did on masculine provision. If you have already read the post, then use this link as an opportunity to tool around the site and see what else is there–they have a plethora of interesting, helpful resources.

4. A JC Penney commercial, of all things, tipped me off to this gorgeous song. It’s by Allison Krauss and Robert Plant and it’s called “Killing the Blues” from the Raising Sand album. I highly recommend it.

That’s all for today–have a great weekend, everyone.

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