The Week-est Link, April 11, 2008

1. One of my favorite rappers, Braille, has a new album coming out. If you have never heard of Braille, or never given his music a chance, go to his Myspace page and listen to some of his tracks. Braille is a Christian from Oregon, and he makes great, God-glorifying music. See–unbelievers don’t have all the good music!

2. This week’s Blog Gem: Southern Seminary student Blake White’s “Barabbas”. Blake, a Texan, has a great blog going. He links to lots of interesting stuff and, while generally keeping commentary to a minimum, often has good things to say. He has a heart for contextualized Christianity and the spread of the gospel. He’s also a killer basketball player, but that’s neither here nor there. Check out his excellent blog.

3. An interesting Desiring God piece by John Piper on preaching as “Concept Creation”. Piper is one of the few major reformed guys who is really interacting with contextualized theology, and I appreciate his efforts to do so.

4. Fun New Yorker piece on the actor George Clooney and the effort behind his effortless charm. I appreciate that Clooney makes films like “Ocean’s 11” that are fun but that don’t glorify sex. He’s restored fun to Hollywood, I think.

5. David Powlison writes as helpfully as ever about “biopsychiatry”. If you’re like me, and you often wonder about where the line between truth and falsehood lies in regard to psychology and psychiatry, then I think you’ll find this piece and others by Powlison to be of help. (HT: Justin Taylor)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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  • Al

    Thanks for the tip regarding John Piper’s article.


  • Blake White

    Thanks for the shout-out man. It was great to see you and I am glad all is well at TEDS. Press on & keep writing.