Interview with Harold Netland on World Religions, Religious Pluralism and Global Christianity

Interview with Harold Netland on World Religions, Religious Pluralism and Global Christianity September 9, 2008

I recently conducted an interview w/Harold Netland on the subject of world religions, religious pluralism, and global Christianity. Dr. Netland, a chaired professor of Christian missions at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, is a contributor to the forthcoming ESV Study Bible. He very graciously agreed to sit down with me for almost fifty minutes to discuss his contribution to the project and his work in the aforementioned fields.

I found the interview personally enlightening and quite enjoyable. Dr. Netland is an excellent, careful scholar, a gracious man, and a man who cares deeply for the cause of global Christianity. He is a unique man, one who can write award-winning books on religious pluralism, on one hand, and on the other labor faithfully for nine years as a missionary in Japan.

I have read Dr. Netland’s articles for the ESV Study Bible, and they are terrific. Concise, informative, theologically nourishing. I highly commend his work and the ESV Study Bible itself. It looks terrific, and I know that Dr. Wayne Grudem, himself an expert theologian and careful scholar, has put in a great deal of effort in leading the project, as have many others, including Justin Taylor of Crossway Books.

I do hope that you enjoy the interview and the free-ranging discussion it prompted. It was an honor to do it, and I trust it will be a helpful resource for you.

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    Bradley–there’s not at the moment, though that is in the works.

    Great suggestion, one that gives me further impetus to make that happen.

    Hope your semester goes well, bro.

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