The Week-est Link, September 5, 2008

1. An excellent Carl Trueman article on the temptation of professor-worship (HT:JT).  We’ve all seen this happen, but Trueman makes some good points (and is so much fun to read).  An excerpt:

“The cult of professor worship is perhaps the most dangerous and reprehensible cult in the theological world.  It is no respecter of theological position, afflicting the left just as much as the right.  It is no respecter of intellectual ability, as the psychology of leader-follower is predicated more on personality and relational qualities than brainpower.   And it is no respecter of souls: nothing so destroys a Christian leader, or his followers, than the mutual flattery involved in the uncritical adulation of a fan-base for a professorial rock star (and I use that term advisedly).  Hence, while every instinct in me told me that the offer was a great opportunity to start up Team Trueman on campus, I chose to go against my fallen desires and immediately declined the offer.”

2. John McEnroe is still pretty complicated. Just so you know.  An interesting New York Times piece on the prototypical modern athlete, the narcissistic, whiny, disrespectful, omni-talented sportsman.

3. The Wall Street Journal takes a close look at adoption and its relation to the current conservative climate, and quotes Baptist theologian Russ Moore in the process (HT:JT).  Here’s a great quotation by Moore:

“The command to “defend the orphan” (Isaiah 1:16-17) has always been vital to the Christian message, Mr. Moore tells me. One thing that distinguished early Christians from their pagan neighbors was their treatment of unwanted children. And adoption is also the literal manifestation of a metaphor that Christians use to describe themselves all the time. “Every one of us who follows Christ was adopted into an already existing family,” says Mr. Moore.”

4. Here’s the 2008-09 calendar for the Henry Center (Deerfield, IL).  It’s pretty packed with quality speakers and events: David Wells, Phil Ryken, Tom Oden–the list goes on.  Very thankful to be involved with a Center like this, and kingdom work of this sort.

–Have a great weekend, everyone.

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  • bw

    Ouch Trueman! Maybe I shouldn’t take my 9th Wellum class next Spring! It also speaks to the Moore class that followed him to Highview.