David Wells’s Preaching to Postmoderns Is Free and Available

The Henry Center is very pleased to announce that the media from the recent David Wells lecture is now available for free from the Center website.

Video of “How, Then, Should We Preach to the (Postmodern) World?”
Audio of “How, Then, Should We Preach to the (Postmodern) World?”

wells1Put simply, this was an exceptional lecture.  We at the Center are blessed to have this caliber of theological engagement on a regular basis, though Dr. Wells’s talk was no ordinary diagnosis of the postmodern predicament.  The talk will prove helpful for pastors, seminarians, scholars and laypeople of all backgrounds.

Do give it a listen, and do pass it on to others in order that the local church and the academy might each be strengthened in their work for the Lord.

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  • Ian

    Yes! This was a truly fascinating lecture. I will listen to this again and will definitely be passing this on to friends and family. Thanks for linking to it.

    If anyone is interested, I recently did a two-part summary of the lecture on my own blog based on the notes taken at TEDS.