The Link 3.27.09: State Department Faxes, Would-Be Athletes, and Hip-Hop Souls

fax1. A fun and often funny look at the fax machine from Culture 11 (great site to check often–photo is its own).  Many true points here, especially on the matter of how uncertain actual reception of a fax can be.

On this point, I remember the strange and frustrating experience of sending faxes to the Green Zone in Baghdad when I worked at the State Department.  I had to send documents to an office working nearly half a mile away from the one machine accessible to my contact.  Needless to say, it was memorable.

2. A deeply revealing and even moving story of one boy’s dream to be a pro basketball player.  In contrast to the needlessly and harmfully professional taint of much of this boy’s life, the last page has an affecting story that shows that he is just a boy, a sweet child, one who should not have to handle the things he does on a daily basis.

3. At one American high school, there are no more As and Bs, but 4s and 3s.  Hilarious and telling.

4. Some think the White House is flailing as it tries to handle its problems.  It may be, but one is reminded to pray for our president and our country–stakes are high these days.

5. Drew Dixon, a buddy of mine, recommends Trip Lee, a talented Christian rapper.  You’ve got a hipster’s style, Drew, but a hip-hop soul.

–Have a great weekend, all.

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  • Owen,

    Thanks for the link buddy. I hope you are doing well! Unfortunately no one in Alabama appreciates my music tastes, so I have begun to explore the world of Reformed Rap as it is more accessible than Sigur Ros and Sufjan Stevens. But in the process I have discovered that some of these rappers are sharp theologians whose music encourages the soul!

    So I suppose you are right, I do have a bit of a hip hop soul!