Piper-Carson Media Is Up

piperThis just in: the media for the Piper-Carson event is here.  The Desiring God blog has all the goods, and believe me, they are nice, as the event was shot in high-definition video.  If your computer can handle it, I highly recommend that you watch these talks and the Q&A through the video.

Here’s the announcement from the DG Blog:

“All the audio and video from The Pastor As Scholar and the Scholar As Pastor is now available.

The Henry Center, who hosted the event, appreciates the generosity of sponsors BibleMesh, Moody Press, Crossway, Christian Focus, and Coffee Ambassadors who helped make it happen.”


As I said a few days ago, if you are interested in learning more about the pastor-theologian, check out these excellent resources, both of which I have read and loved:

1. He Is Not Silent by Al Mohler for three highly stimulating chapters on “The Pastor as Theologian”.

2. Doug Sweeney’s Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word (IVP, out in July 2009).

Thanks to Eric Johnson, Lukas Naugle, David Mathis, and the DGM team for making these high-quality resources available for free.

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  • Jason Nicholls

    Hi Owen,
    Thanks again for the great evening with Drs. Piper and Carson. I was able to bring a couple of friends up from South Bend once again. It was definitely worth our while (and the drive). Our thanks also to Jackson Crum and the Park CC bunch, who were great hosts. Press on in your good work!

  • owenstrachan

    Jason–I’m so glad to hear this. Thanks for the encouraging word, and thanks for coming. Blessings to you in your important work for our Lord in South Bend. You may have once again won the prize for longest commute.

    And yes, there is a steak dinner prize for that to be granted soon…