The Link 4.10.09: Islam, A-Rod, and Universal Health Care

islam1. If you have not read Al Mohler’s recent piece on Islam, I cannot recommend you do so more strongly.  Islam is a topic of huge importance for Christians, and I’ve rarely seen a Christian thinker address it more helpfully and clearly than Mohler does.

2. ESPN columnist Bill Simmons on the A-Rod phenomenon. 

3. We need to do more to spread health care to needy citizens, but as Ramesh Ponnoru shows in the New York Times, universal health care coverage is a very bad idea indeed.

4. Russ Moore provides an eloquent answer to the suggestion that it’s irresponsible to have children in a time like ours.  It’s entirely worth quoting at length:

“Followers of the Lord Jesus face persecutions and sufferings. They always have. Jesus promised it. At the same time, he loves the children and receives them, as his Father does from the beginning of the creation, as a blessing.

“When the Israelites are in bondage to Pharaoh, God sees their children as a blessing. It is Pharaoh who seest them as a curse. When the people of God are under persecution from Babylon, Assyria, Rome, and in every other way, God always pronounces children as a blessing; barrenness as tragic.”

“I will agree with you though on this one thing. The nihilistic. anti-Christian worldview is indeed pervasive. It is, in fact, more pervasive than you may think; you have embraced it.”

5. Podcaster extraordinaire (seriously, who does a more thorough job on these?) Doug Baker sits down with Tullian Tchividjian, new pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Coral Ridge, FL for a highly stimulating interview on Christ, culture, and the church’s mission.

–Have a spiritually rich and refreshing Easter weekend, all.

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  • John Inman

    Jesus apparently thought there were times when it was better not to have children.

    The website must be down, can’t seem to get to it.

    But (A)woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days!