Mohler on Christianity: Modernity Demands a Defense

HellFound this brilliant quotation in Al Mohler’s essay “Modern Theology: The Disappearance of Hell” in the noteworthy book Hell Under Fire, edited by Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson:

“Modern secularism demands that anyone who would speak for God must now defend him.  The challenge of theodicy is primarily to defend God against the problem of evil.  The societies that gave birth to the decades of megadeath, the Holocaust, the abortion explosion, and institutionalized terror now demand that God answer their questions and redefine himself according to their dictates.”  (37)

Surely, this is right.  Despite the collapse of numerous twentieth-century secular social projects, the unbelieving world demands that Christianity defend itself.  I’m glad to see someone call a bluff here, and we should do the same in our apologetics and evangelism.

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