The Link 5.8.2009: Girls Gone Wise, Full-Court Presses, and “Tweeting” the Gospel

Mary1. Just heard about the Girls Gone Wise website.  I think from Tim Challies.  Looks like a terrific resource.  Anything Mary Kassian has going on is beneficial for women, I find.  I once sat in on a radio show she did with Al Mohler and was impressed with her wisdom and comportment.  It’s no small thing being in the booth with RAM…

2. Malcolm Gladwell, professional geek/writer, has a fun article out about what happens when “underdogs break the rules”.  He applies it to basketball, which, as readers of this blog know, is a friend to this blog.

3. 9Marks, under the leadership of Greg Gilbert, just sponsored a contest to see which three people could best articulate the gospel by “tweeting” it.  I loved the idea, and I found it surprisingly moving.  Honestly, seeing a ton of people run through the gospel is a beautiful thing.  Check the post and scroll through the responses and see if you aren’t edified.

4. It is a good thing to celebrate the gospel.  Not to simply repeat it, but to talk about it with other people.  Turn it over in your mind.  Consider the different models of the atonement presented in Scripture: penal substitutionary (the heart), exemplarist, moral influence, Christus Victor, and more. The Bible is glorious, the gospel is the heart of the Bible, and Christ’s work on behalf of His people is the center of the gospel.  These are things worth celebrating, talking about, praying in response to, reveling in, shouting over.  The gospel is real.  Right now, as you read this little blog, the gospel is real.

I recommend Graham Cole’s forthcoming Christ the Peace-Maker, an incisive study of the atonement from an eminent theologian, for those who want to savor the gospel (no link available).  I just took a doctoral class on the atonement with Cole and found it illuminating and doxological.  Buy that book when it comes out, and use it for your preaching, your teaching, your daily living.

5. My buddy Reid Monaghan, plowing gospel ground in New Jersey through a great church called Jacob’s Well, has a great blog and recently featured a funny video by Rhett and Link, two guys from Campus Crusade who are quite amusing.

–Have an atonement-glorying weekend, all.

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  • Owen, thanks for the link man. We appreciate your prayers as the plowing here has its ups and downs…thankful for God’s constancy though. Just a quick correction – Rhett and Link are former Campus Crusade guys and have been full time “internet comedians” for several years now. Yes, they are making a living with their craft. My 15min of fame was being their youth pastor as a 23 year old newly married guy 🙂

    I saw your wife’s name in print just this week when your Father-in-law’s new book came to my house. Man, give my props to Bethany for a great introduction to the book. Don’t tell anyone but it made me cry 🙂

    Blessings brother