The Link 6.5.09: Teaching Writing, The Great Commission, and Church Planting

1. I cannot help but again recommend the Mat Kearney song “Closer to Love” to you.  So you know, it is not me who is doing the recommending, it is the musical beast inside of me.

2. What makes good writing good?  Can one teach others to write?  This New Yorker piece by Louis Menand asks such questions.  Highly interesting.  And one learns in it that Joyce Carol Oates used to write 40 pages a day.

3. Baptist 21 writer Jed Coppenger reflects on how the financial crisis is affecting the sending of Southern Baptist missionaries.  Tough times are tough times, but surely, Christians will not allow them to stop the absolutely essential work of sending missionaries.

4. Mike McKinley, a writer to read and church planter, discusses some of the basics of planting.  Look for his book on the subject in days to come.

5. I have no link here, but really, how badly did the Magic play last night?  Jameer Nelson played way too much.  I’m not a Magic fan, but I desperately do not want the Lakers to win the NBA Finals.

–Have a great weekend, all.

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