The Link 8.8.09: Sweeney’s Edwards, Together for Adoption, Getting Crammed On

Chico St UCLA Basketball1. You may remember this from a little while back, but Doug Sweeney’s excellent Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word is now out as of a week ago.  Terrific overview of Edwards’s life and thought.

2. Have you checked out the Together for Adoption website?  If not, you really should.  It’s working toward a great cause, and it’s grounded in great theology.  Well deserving of your time and attention.  Also, they have a conference coming up in October in Franklin, TN that looks great–Russ Moore, Ed Stetzer, Michael Easley, and many more.

3. Want to know how to improve your vertical?  Point guard Russell Westbrook–who regularly crams on peopleshares his tips.

4. Tim Brister just did a great series on “gospel renewal.”

5. A list of some pretty funny NBA pranks. Imagine getting taped to various objects on numerous occasions by Shaq.  Yikes.

6. Al Mohler recently hosted two special ladies on his show: his wife, Mary, and his daughter, Katie.  The topic: cooking.  With Mrs. Mohler cooking, I wouldn’t mind being a taste-tester in that kitchen…

–Have a great weekend, all.

"This article is awful, just.simply.awful !!!!!!"

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