Free Live Webcast of 9-23-09 Zacharias Lecture on Postmodernism and Mission

RaviPointingMy employer, the Henry Center of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL) is pleased to announce that on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 1pm, it will offer a free live webcast of the Scripture & Ministry lecture by legendary apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharias entitled “Toward an Evangelical Understanding of Postmodernism and Mission.”

Tune in here at 1pm for the free live webcast.  If you want the actual address, here it is:  This is an excellent platform–you can see how many other people are watching the event even as chat with fellow observers.  Cool stuff!

Also, please visit the Center blog for Hansen Fellow Andy Naselli’s live-blog and summary of the lecture.  If you missed Andy’s terrific live-blogging for the Kantzer Lectures, check it out here (click on the blog tab for the other installments).

In addition, please note that Dr. Zacharias will speak in chapel on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 11am (this event will not be broadcast).

We’re really excited about our cutting-edge webcasting and live-blogging.  But make no mistake–those who live in the Chicago area will not want to miss the opportunity to hear Dr. Zacharias in person.  Though I have no official word on this matter, I am sure that some day soon, we’ll one day reminisce about the chance we had to hear a great Christian apologist in action.  Webcasting is great–but nothing will ever replace live engagement with a wise speaker.

I am jazzed about Dr. Zacharias’s visit.  He has long been a hero of mine.  In college, a number of my friends and I used to listen to his material, including a powerful message on the love of Isaac and Rebekah called “I, Isaac, Take You Rebekah” that is etched into my mind (here’s the book, well worth the purchase).  This was before there was a whole industry devoted to dating and marriage.  That sermon, a mix of spiritual and practical advice, cast a powerful vision for marriage.  Don’t let the cover fool you–that cd (and book) is well worth buying today.

Lastly, the above picture of Ravi pointing upward is vested with symbolism.  For the duration of his career, he has humbly and eloquently pointed sinners to the cross of Christ.  How appropriate–in the picture, we can’t see his face, but rather his gesturing finger and a huge crowd that is, as he speaks, coming into contact with the awesome gospel of Jesus Christ the Lord.

With that, I’ll see you soon–either in person or on the web.

(Photo: WorldviewWeekend)

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  • Tracy

    Thanks Owen, this is a blessing.