Free Webcast of the Henry Center’s Kantzer Lectures

The Henry Center of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL) is currently hosting Dr. Stephen Williams of Union Theological College (Belfast, Ireland) for its prestigious Kantzer Lectures in Revealed Theology.  The series will be of special interest to those who enjoy rich, deep theology.  It is moderated by Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer and will be published by Eerdmans.

The Center is very pleased to offer the lectures for free by way of webcast.  For the live webcast, please go to the following address: on the following dates:



Here’s the relevant info about the Kantzer Lectures:Series Title: The Election of Grace: a Riddle without Resolution?


Lectures on election with special reference to Karl Barth, the Bible, and the pastoral function of the doctrine.  Please note that all lectures and free and open to the public.

Remaining Lectures: 

Lecture Three, Thursday, September 10 | The question of election as a determination of destiny, specifically, the problem of perseverance. 4pm in Hinkson

Lecture Four, Monday, September 14 | The question of election and particular atonement, working from the John Owen/McLeod Campbell debate. 10am in Hinkson

Lecture Five, Monday, September 14 | Election, regeneration and faith. 4pm in Hinkson

Lecture Six Tuesday, September 15 | An exposition of Romans 9-11 offering a positive proposal on election, prepared for in lectures 1-5. 4pm in

See the Center’s live-blog of the previous two lectures here.

Hope to see you online at the Kantzers.

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  • Tyler W.

    It’s killing me that I missed these!!! I just found out about them.