Book Alert: Josh Harris on Theology; Carson, Moo, Naselli on the New Testament

Josh Harris has just released Dug Down Deep: Unearthing What I Believe and Why it Matters (Multnomah, 2010).  I am working my way through it and finding it a rewarding read.  The purpose of this book: to communicate the need for a deeper walk with God, a theologically rich way of life.  This is an excellent aim, and it is carried out with Harris’s trademark lively, friendly style.  The guy has a great sense of humor and, most importantly, a passionate love for the Lord.

This would be a helpful book for any Christian who hungers to know God more intimately but who struggles to know where to start.  So many books, so little direction.  Harris walks the reader through his journey into a theological life in accessible terms, allowing us to see how his own faith has deepened and his vision of God has expanded over time.  Pick up Dug Down Deep, and get a copy or two for your child, your friend, your coworker who could benefit from a wise, pastoral, engaging word from a faithful man.

Wanted to pass on word about a splendiferous new book on the New Testament that will richly reward its readers: Introducing the New Testament: A Short Guide to its History and Message by D. A. Carson and Doug Moo (edited by Andy Naselli, PhD student under Carson at TEDS; Zondervan, April 2010).

I’ve looked through this edited version of a previous NT introduction by Carson and Moo and it looks very helpful.  Andy put in hours on this project, whittling down the content of two respected NT scholars to the kernel of NT doctrine.  Be prepared for all kinds of data in a small, 160-page format (and look for Andy’s trademark numbered lists!) that will appeal to readers of all backgrounds and levels.  If you’ve ever wanted, for example, D. A. Carson’s thought in bite-sized form, here it is.

"Shame you don't know the original texts nor languages. They tell a completely different story."

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