The Essential Edwards Collection, Half Off (!)

Update: links fixed!

Some of you out there may remember the Essential Edwards Collection (Moody, 2010).  Doug Sweeney and I wrote it for Moody Books in order to make Jonathan Edwards and his treasure trove of theology and godly living accessible to a wide audience.

Nobody wants to read the blog of the guy who flogs his books, but I wanted to let interested folks know that Westminster Books is right now selling all five volumes for a 50% discount from the cover price ($44.95).  From today, Tuesday July 27th, through Monday, August 2nd, they will sell the books for $22.50, the equivalent of one free book relative to the current Amazon price.  We are thrilled at this feature and the opportunity it presents for folks to get the books on the cheap.  In fact, I’m so stirred, I’m thinking of writing a blog essay entitled “Jonathan Edwards on Free Books and Discount Opportunities.”

I include some basic info about the books below, including a couple of just-now-published videos that Sweeney and I shot to promote the books.


The promotion:

–WTS Books is featuring the set online for a week starting Tuesday, July 27th, through August 2nd, a Monday

–They are selling it at 50% discount (!) ($22.50)

The videos: Sweeney and Strachan discuss the EEC Sweeney and Strachan discuss the EEC (revelry ensues)

Some feedback

-the Resurgence, the Blog That Rocks, just featured three posts on the series

-Collin Hansen listed them in his summer reading list

-David Dockery included them on his own reading list

-a USA Today columnist mentioned them following Collin’s piece

World magazine just mentioned them as well (July 3, 2010)

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  • Daniel Cooley

    I added the set to the shopping cart and the total was $29.24 not $22.50. Is there a coupon code?

  • owenstrachan

    Thanks, Daniel–the sale price hadn’t loaded yet. But it’s up now. Thanks for being interested and for pointing this out to me.

    Hope you’re having a nice summer.

  • I have read through the Banner of Truth’s edition, the 2 biographies (Murray and Marsden), and a bunch of the separately published volumes (charity and it’s fruits, etc..”). And the Complete works are online for free grâce à Yale. Given all of that why should I consider buying these books? Wouldn’t the money be better spent just buying the works if you really wanted to learn about Edwards?

  • owenstrachan


    Thanks for your question. I think the books would be helpful if you want to get to the marrow of Edwardsean thought, and also if you want a reference quote, a “quotable Edwards” if you will. We try to get to the heart of what he thought and lived for, which is not always easily accessible given the volume of Edwards’s writing.

    There is massive value in getting into JE himself, and we actually commend that in the books–we even mention the online collection. There may also be value in having summaries and interactions with the key facets of JE’s tate of thought. We also attempt to “apply” Edwards, which may be of some value, and to assess the state of the modern church and offer some Edwardsean prescriptions.

    Maybe that helps a bit. Thanks again for asking, and I’m glad that you have delved into JE’s corpus.

    • Hey! If I may give a quick suggestion for the site. If you are new to Edwards, read his sermons! They are easy and don’t worry about the major works (Original sin, freedom of the will, religious affections, etc…) until you get a flavour for Edward’s thought. Soli Deo Gloria’s little ”Puritan Pulpit” on Jonathan Edward’s is a great place to start. Then move to Charity and its fruits. then consider buying the paper back version of yale’s works (20 bucks a volume and there are 3 volumes I think out). Read those and the notes should help alot! Take your time! I promise everyone it is very rewarding and the way you think will be a bit changed torward’s a more God centered view of everything! But it took me 4 years to become a warm (as opposed to hot!) reader of Edwards. I do not regret it. Worth the time