Video Interview with Credo Magazine on Jonathan Edwards

This from Credo magazine:

We are pleased to release an interview with Owen Strachan, co-author of The Essential Edwards Collection: Set of 5 Books, on the monumental figure, Jonathan Edwards, perhaps the greatest theologian-philosopher in American history. In Part 1 of this interview Owen introduces us to the life and thought of Edwards, his Puritan heritage, as well as the theological issues and debates of his day. In Part 2 Owen explores the pastoral heart of Edwards, how Edwards was fired from his church, his missionary efforts, and his preaching on hell. In Part 3 Owen takes us back to the beginning of the Great Awakening, the differences between Edwards and later revivalists, and the legacy Edwards left behind.

Here are the videos:

  • Part One–who was Jonathan Edwards?  Was he a Puritan?  What struggles and battles did he fight in his day?
  • Part Two–what was Edwards like as a pastor?  Why was he fired from his church?  Did he have a missionary heart?  Why did he preach on hell?
  • Part Three–What happened to kick off the First Great Awakening?  Was Edwards just like other, later revivalists?  What is his legacy?

It was great fun to do these, and I’m thankful to Matthew Barrett of Credo for this opportunity.  They’re nicely shot, edited, and presented, the speaker notwithstanding.  Readers of this blog do not need me to remind them that I am a fan of Edwards and of this new magazine, fast becoming a virtual theological powerhouse.

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