Rapper Lecrae interviewed at South by Southwest


One of the world’s biggest music festivals, South by Southwest (SXSW), just wrapped.  Gospel rapper Lecrae was there and performed with Trip Lee.  While he was in Austin, allhiphop.com, one of the best-read rap websites, did a brief interview with him.  Lecrae has had a pretty wild year, which included recent praise from legendary southern rapper Bun B.

If you missed it, Lecrae did a rap at the BET awards a few months back.  He participated in a “cipher,” a kind of freestyle session, with a bunch of other up-and-coming rappers.  Watch the video; it’s hard to deny his talent, and the way he boldly witnesses for Christ is inspiring.

By the way, I just did a couple breakout sessions with Flame, a very popular and gifted Christian rapper, at Southern Seminary’s REKNOWN conference.  We talked all about Christian rap with standing-room-only groups of teenagers, and the sessions were really fun.  Flame’s new album is out, and it sounds great.  I also met Young Noah, a new artist on Flame’s label, Clear Sight Music.  You can hear tracks from Flame’s new record and download Noah’s free mixtape here.  Flame and Young Noah are each locked in on Christ, and they’re a lot of fun to boot.

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