Panel Today at Values Voters Summit on Millennials and Politics

Reuters has called Values Voters Summit, staged by the Family Research Council in Washington, DC, “a ‘must attend’ on the political calendar of any serious candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.”  This year’s event started yesterday and continues through today.  Heavy hitters like Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Bill Bennett, and Eric Cantor will speak at this year’s gathering.

Some of you are aware of the passionate debate that has taken place in the blogosphere on millennials and political engagement.  Folks like Tim Dalrymple, David French, Matthew Anderson and myself have weighed in, among others.  Today at 3:15pm EST at VVS, Anderson, Eric Teetsel of the Manhattan Declaration, and Andrew Walker of the Kentucky Family Foundation will speak on a panel about “Millennials and the Future of Political Engagement.”  Chris Marlink of Family Research Council will moderate.

I’m excited for this panel and would direct you here for more info.   Pray for this discussion if you can, particularly that the church might figure out a way to be gospel-flavored salt and light even as we hold fast to our central mission, the promotion of Christ’s gospel.

  • John Lofton

    Forget, please, “values.” The word means nothing other than what human beings say is “valuable.” What matters and applies to all people for all time is Christ and His Word.

    John Lofton, Editor,
    Recovering Republican

  • Curtis

    When are evangelicals going to learn that these politician are liars? That our hope is not in or with them? Case in point, How can you believe what Mitt Romney says when his values as Governor and as candidate for the White House are so different? Will lying be a part of the conversation when Paul Ryan speaks? Can you believe or understand anything Michelle Bauchman says? C’mon Owen you’re much too intelligent to be running around with this crew.