The Hip Hop Poet-Laureate of Evangelicalism Strikes Again

Jefferson Bethke, the Washington spoken-word poet who started a national conversation with his poem going after religion, has just released a new one entitled “Counterfeit Gods.”  It’s deep, thoughtful, and beautifully shot.

Here’s hoping for more efforts like this from Jefferson and a whole generation of slam poets, rappers, beatmakers, and other artists who love Christ and exalt him using gifts of performance.

(HT: @drmoore, who impressed me by being the first to Tweet this–his country music bona fides notwithstanding!)

  • Fletch F. Fletch

    This looks like it was shot on the set of Survivor.

  • absonjourney

    I’m sorry man, but basically ripping off cheesy Christian cliches and quotes from books does not qualify this kid to be the “hip hop poet laureate” of evangelicalism. He’s not doing this live. He’s not doing it on beat. In short, it’s slam poetry and not even very good slam poetry.

    Check out Propaganda, Le Crae, Trip Lee. So many other guys that write original stuff and throw it down live- not on a You Tube vid.

  • Tara

    I think Jeff is really talented and can hang with the big dogs like Lecrae and Trip easily. He hasn’t been on the scene very long so let’s cut him some slack!

    I enjoy your blog/reviews, Owen!

  • jeff bethke

    lol appreciate the critique absonjourney. Also would agree with you. Not sure what you mean about not doing it “live” because there really is no difference to how I did it, and most live shows I do. The music wasn’t added until after. But about your critique and suggestions I would agree! I’d much rather listen to Prop, Crae, or Trip than myself and I think others would too :) Still a rookie in this trying to grown and learn. Blessings fam.

  • owenstrachan

    Absonjourney, I respectfully disagree. Actually, so you know, I’ve heard Jefferson live and thought he killed it. But your opinion is yours, and I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with me.

  • inés de l’orange

    Music, set, execution… Loved everything about it!:)