The Two Hottest Songs from Lecrae’s “Gravity”

Yesterday, I noted that I just reviewed rapper Lecrae’s brand-new Gravity.  Today, I wanted to link to the two songs I consider fresh to the point of heat-seeking.  The first is “Falling Down,” produced by The Watchmen, which includes a Boyce College student named Alex Medina.  It’s a staggering beat, gothic and weighty, and Lecrae and his guests tear it apart.

The second is “Violence,” produced by the enigmatic Tyshane, whom I have heard exactly nothing about.  I was stunned by his beat for “Black Rose” off of Church Clothes (download it free here), and now he’s topped himself.

Both “Violence” and “Falling Down” could be, in my judgment, hit songs for mega-rappers like Jay-Z or Kanye West.  Yes, I mean that–these tracks are not merely “disc-ready,” but could be mainstream hits.

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  • Josh Philpot

    I thought the same about “Falling Down.” I think I listened to it 4 or 5 times straight before moving on to something else.

  • Ben Stevens

    Thanks for sharing Owen! I am impressed!

  • Emonne Markland

    Great choices from an epic album. I’ve been a Lecrae fan for years & am enjoying this new project. If I could choose the top two songs on the album they’d be Mayday and Falling Down. On Mayday, the passion in every voice was very heartfelt and the drumwork & keys will be BANGIN’ live. My husband is a drummer and I’m a singer so we enjoy listening to that song for those reasons. The album as a whole is great and I’m thankful for clean, quality, Christ-centered music that doesn’t degrade women or glorify harmful lifestyles.

  • Rhema Boyo (@RhemaBoyo)

    Great choices! You should know Tyshane is the son of legendary dance hall reggae singer turned Christian, Papa San. He also produced “Young” and “Michael Jackson” for Andy Mineo

  • owenstrachan

    Thanks all. Josh, yeah, you can get “stuck” on this cd for sure. Emonne, I hear you about Mayday. Good song. I agree about how nice it is to have a very high-quality album that sounds like mainstream rap but is in fact God-glorifying. That’s a beautiful thing. Rhema, good info. Thank you. I heard he was Papa San’s son but didn’t know about those other tracks. I am now going to listen to those right away.

  • Hal

    I LOVE ‘Walk with Me’. Keep listening to it over and over, lol