Collin Klein Kissed for the First Time on His Wedding Day

Collin Klein Kissed for the First Time on His Wedding Day November 20, 2012

My favorite sportswriter, Thomas Lake, just published a fun story on Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein.  Klein professes to be a Christian and seems to have a strong testimony (and unfortunately appears to have been bitten by the SI cover jinx–go Baylor Bears!).

The article is written in a different format than the long-form style Lake usually uses.  It’s organized around 27 facts about Klein, the Tim Tebow-like favorite for the Heisman Trophy.  Here are a few from the InsideSI site (the full article is not available, but you should find it and read it):

Did you know…

  • 1. Collin Klein plays piano, mandolin and violin.
  • 2. One of his household chores as a 12-year-old involved driving a pickup to the top of “Death Hill,” a 2½-mile, 6% grade hill on his family’s Colorado property bordered by a rock face and a 150-foot cliff.
  • 3. When he was 14, Collin Klein promised himself he would not kiss a girl until his wedding day. He kept his promise, and first kissed his wife at the altar at their wedding on July 21, 2012.
You will come away from this article a fan of Collin Klein, I assure you.  I’m deeply impressed by his vow of chastity.  I am increasingly convinced that such drastic action may well be the way forward for Christians in a neo-pagan age, one that pulls increasingly toward worship of sex and the body.  This sounds like something from a medieval monastery, I know.  But I think that there’s much to commend a kind of “worldly detox” experience in our churches.  Maybe we’re too plugged in, too focused on immediately engaging the culture.  Maybe we need to give more attention to first forming a Christian worldview and way of life.
Anyway, this is more than you thought you were going to get in a blog about a football player.  Here’s hoping Klein stays strong in his walk with Christ and brings glory to him through his life.  I’m thankful as well for the platform God has given to Thomas Lake at SI.  It’s no small thing to be publishing cover stories on Christian athletes that are winsome but unapologetic about faith.  Beautiful to see–and be inspired by this bold example of cultural engagement by a believer.
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