Journalist Covering Gosnell Abortion Trial Becomes Pro-Life

I just saw this on Twitter (HT: Tom Peters). Apparently, an unnamed pro-choice reporter covering the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell has become pro-life during the proceedings. The grisly testimony, documented with insight and excellence by World magazine, has–it seems–deeply impacted at least one journalist.

Here’s the report:

May 8, 2013 ( – A pro-choice reporter who has been present in the courtroom listening to testimony in the Gosnell trial has changed his mind on abortion, according to one of his fellow reporters.

“There is one journalist sitting in that courtroom who writes for a local publication who has told me that he is very liberal, very pro-choice,” Mullane told Huckabee, “but after sitting through the testimony in the Gosnell trial, he’s reconsidered. He’s changed his mind.”

…The seasoned journalist told Huckabee that the Gosnell trial has been the worst story he has covered in his 26-year career. 

“This is the worst on many levels,” he said. “Not only because of what was going on in Gosnell’s clinic in West Philadelphia, but also because of the indifference of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Department of Health, which did not inspect any of the state’s 22 abortion clinics for 17 years.” 

Read the whole thing.

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