For New Englanders: October’s Plant New England Conference

 Are you a Christian in New England who loves the gospel? Do you want to encourage church-planting and church renewal? Check out the Plant New England conference. It’s taking place in Boston from October 14-15, 2013 (two months away, roughly).

Here’s what Plant New England is about:

Plant New England is designed to equip churches and church planters to plant gospel-driven churches in New England. It is for men and women, pastors and lay people – anyone who has a heart for New England church planting.

Here’s the schedule, featuring Mark Dever, Stephen Um, Wes Pastor, and my own pastor in Louisville, Jim Hamilton. This is an exciting, edifying lineup of speakers, and my friends Collin Hansen and Jeramie Rinne will be leading breakout sessions. The overall theme is “True Conversion”; what could be more profitable for you to think about for a couple days than this? What does New England, my native region, need more than “true conversion”?


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