Why I Love the Organic Christian Rap of Beautiful Eulogy (Free Download)

If you like good rap, original production, and biblically thick lyricism, you will enjoy Beautiful Eulogy. Based out of Portland, Oregon, and featuring Odd Thomas, Braille, and Courtland Urbano, BE–from the label Humble Beast Records–has established itself as one of the top Christian hip-hop groups.

That could be read in the wrong way, I suppose. BE makes great music, period, and it makes music that glorifies the Lord Jesus. The group has just released their second album, Instruments of Mercy. It’s a terrific. Download it for free right here.

I said this with the previous album: it’s remarkable to me that BE releases this material for free. They put out major-label quality music. As a 20-year hip hop fan, I say that without bias or hesitation. It’s particularly noteworthy because the group has their own unique sound. So many–so very, very, very, very many–artists play copy-cat. They listen to the sound that’s currently trending, ask their producer for a similar track, and then get their music out there. This isn’t wrong; I’m actually glad that there are artists who can catch the ear of the mainstream hip-hop community. But when you find a group that is producing music that is both original and powerful, you’ve discovered a diamond.

You’ve also seen something godlike, the fruits of original creative work. If you’re not into rap (or music more broadly), you may not know how hard it is to truly create a new sound. It’s incredibly hard. It requires maximal skill.

All this to say that I find the atmospheric, organic, almost orchestral feel of BE’s work to be moving and inspiring. Anyway, enough proselytizing. Go get the album, and tell a friend you did. Here’s the label’s official info for the project (cd cover to the left).

Album Description

Artist // Beautiful Eulogy

Title: Instruments Of Mercy

Year Released: 2013

Description of sound: modern. organic, worshipful

Album Description: Beautiful Eulogy now presents their sophomore release “Instruments Of Mercy”, a natural progression of their sound using analog & acoustic instruments accompanied with poetic & passionate lyricism with a primary emphasis on worshipping & glorifying God.

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