Your Best Suffering Now: Pro-Life Action & Advocacy

The crack staff of Southern Seminary’s magazine just published a profile of an outstanding Louisville ministry called Speak for the Unborn. If you’re pro-life and you want to make a difference, read this piece by Matt Damico.

Here’s a bit:

The ministry is Speak for the Unborn, which came to life when Ryan Fullerton, pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky., preached a sermon on sanctity of life Sunday in 2009. Dave and Stacey Hare, who were then members at Immanuel, decided to act on the message they heard. The following Saturday, they went to downtown Louisville to do sidewalk counseling outside of the abortion clinic.

“They had no idea what they were doing,” said Andrew King, who has led the ministry at Immanuel since the Hares left for the mission field in 2010. “But they went out there and started talking to people, pleading with them not to have abortions.”

A group from Immanuel continues to go out every Saturday morning to do sidewalk counseling. On Tuesdays and Fridays, a group goes from Louisville’s Kenwood Baptist Church.

Read the whole thing. Check out Speak for the Unborn here.

This ministry, like basically every pro-life ministry, needs workers. Wherever you are–Louisville or the far hinterlands–pray about how you might be able in your own way to support pro-life work. So many of us fall for Satan’s trap. We see discouraging news, it seems like the cultural roof is caving in, and so we end up discouraged, doing nothing. Fight that mentality at all costs.

I talk more about this in Risky Gospel, about the need for more Christians to reject our aversion to sacrifice, and to get involved and suffer with Christ. It’s in hardship and suffering, after all, that we often experience afresh the grace of God.


Full disclosure: this article makes mention of my own involvement as a Boyce College professor in the ministry. After some friends encouraged me to spread the word about Speak for the Unborn, I reversed my initial judgement of not blogging about this article given my small role in it. I publish this post only out of a desire to fan into flame actional pro-life work and to hopefully call other laborers to speak in the name of Christ and not be silent.

I also want to take the unusual step of publicly thanking Jim Smith, Steve Watters, Aaron Hanbury, and Matt Damico for publishing this piece, and Jim Hamilton, Denny Burk, and Noah and Brandy Lee for starting Speak for the Unborn at Louisville’s Kenwood Baptist Church, where I serve and am a member.

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